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[Story]O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 10



The Child of Thunder 10

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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People were not aware he was actually Amadioha in disguise.

When he had committed that sacrilege; by nearly wiping off the existence of creatures his father Olisa (Chukwu) had created, he couldn’t face his father and rather left their abode, coming down into the human world.

For thousand years, he moved round the earth. Hearing of great and evil things Ikenga was doing in his absence. At first, Ikenga took his right as the first child and led many people to serve him.

Njoku ji, their last brother watched with utmost dismay at what Ikenga was doing and distanced himself from Ikenga. He went to live in his abode awaiting the day Amadioha would return.

Everyone worshipped Ikenga and forgot there is a god called Amadioha, who seemed to have gone into oblivion. With time his memory was erased from the surface of the earth. The only two people who had always remembered him was his brother, Njoku ji and his father Olisa (Chuckwu).

One day he came across a small village called Udum and decided to stay in the village for the time being.
He wandered alone, aimlessly round the earth for so many years that he nearly forgot who he was until the day he came across Alaolisa.

Amadioha had once met the princess of Ogbanje whose name was Alaolisa.

Alaolisa (Ogbanje) and her maidens had gone for a walk when they met Amadioha. When their eyes contacted, Alaolisa and Amadioha fell for each other. And there their love story started. She taught him a lot of things and showed him the beauty of the human world, and Amadioha once again became himself.

They got married in Alaolisa kingdom.

But Alaolisa’s love for the human was so much that she pleaded with her kingdom and Amadioha, her husband to grant her permission to dwell amongst the human.
The Child of Thunder 10

After much pleading, Amadioha pleaded with the Ogbanje queen mother to let his wife, Alaolisa, dwell with the humans. Her mother hearing from Amadioha granted Alaolisa permission to dwell with the human but with a condition. Alaolisa would never remember who she was until the day she departs from the human world.

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Amadioha decided to go with his Alaolisa to the human world to keep her company and look after her since she would have a loss memories about her past life. Alaolisa entered the womb of Chidinmma (Ogbanje’s late mother) while Amadioha entered the womb of Nnenna (Ebuka’s Mother). Unlike Alaolisa who doesn’t remembers a thing, Amadioha on the other hand did. So from their tender age, he became friend with Ogbanje knowing fully well that Ogbanje would someday grow to love him as she once did in her kingdom.

Ebuka slept off dreaming of him and his Alaolisa together.

Only time will tell what would become of them but for now he has to protect his Alaolisa from every harm especially now her stepmother had gone to acquire more powers from his brother, Ikenga. He knew what Ikenga was up to but was he ready to reveal himself to his brother? Njoku ji had told him to be patient to see what Ikenga was really up too. He will have to wait to see what Ikenga is up too.

He also knew of the old woman Ogbanje usually help, the Eze Nawyi. He had sometimes accompanied Ogbanje to the old woman’s hut to help out with her chores. He was only waiting for the opportunity to open her eyes to see who the old woman was. He knew one day the cat will be let out of the bag.

“My beloved daughter I thought I told you that the water you had fetched the previous night for me would be enough for me to use till the next Eke market day? Ka nke a ọ bụghị ihe m gwara gị nwa m?- Or is that not what I told you my daughter?” The old lady whom Ogbanje usually help almost everyday asked her when she saw Ogbanje in her hut the following day. She was surprised on seeing Ogbanje.

“I know that mama. I only came here to see if you needed anything, like preparing food for you”. Ogbanje answered cheerfully as she stared at the old woman.

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“Oh Nwa m nwanyi a huru n’anya – my beloved daughter, don’t worry about that Ada. Even if I am that old I can make a little food for myself”.

“Okay then mama. I will check on you in three days time, Na-elekọta onwe gị mama- Take care of yourself mama”. Ogbanje said and left the old woman hut.

“Do you think Adaku would come back to her senses before it get too late for her?” One of the coven witches, Ijeoma, asked the Eze Nwayi as they had converged for their usual meetings.

“I can’t say Ijeoma. But all I know is that Adaku is gradually digging her grave little by little with her knowing”. The Eze Nwayi said. “Only the snail that wants to commit suicide eats salt.” She added.

“But what about the gods she spoke off?”

“Aku is a god who carries out the orders of Ikenga just like the way we are at Aku’s beck and call . Let’s leave Adaku for now and carry on with our meeting. Who is the next member to sacrifice her own flesh and blood?”.

“Who are you and what brought you to this place?” Ogbanje asked the stranger in front of her compound. The stranger was sweeping the compound. She had woken up early that morning to do all her house chores so which will afford her the opportunity to visit Ebuka. But was surprised when she saw a handsome dark masculine and vibrant young man sweeping in her father’s compound. Although she wouldn’t deny that the unknown young man was handsome but she quickly chased away that thought in her mind.

“As you can see my beautiful Ada, I am sweeping for you”. The unknown man replied.

“And who are you if I may ask. In fact who sent you to sweep my compound for me, Ka m gwara gị na agbaji ụkwụ na ogwe aka m?- Or did I tell you that my legs and arms are broken? Or you no longer know the way to your hut again Okwia?” Ogbanje threw all at once at the stranger.
The Child of Thunder 10
“Ada mu, Ada Mmarama. I left my home, my village to come here and sweep for you…”

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Ogbanje quickly interrupted him, “But did I ask you to sweep the compound for me eh? Ana m arịọ gị?- Did I beg you?” Ogbanje said but came to a halt from her rants when what the stranger said digested very well inside her ears. “Chere oh- Wait oh, did you just said you left your village, your own village to come here to sweep what I did not ask you to do. Does it mean you are not from this village?” Ogbanje asked with surprised.

“Exactly, I came from the neighbouring village, Umueze. I have heard about you, how you rejected the proposal of Obinwanne”.

“Alright, so what is your name stranger?”

“Oh, I am Ikemefuna”. The stranger replied.

“Okay Ikemefuna, you can now go”.

“What did I do now eh, why are you chasing me? I only came here to help you out and maybe be your friend is that bad?”

“Yes, I don’t want to alert anyone here. If you don’t want trouble do yourself good and leave this compound before I shout and announced to the whole village that we now have a rapist in our midst and mind you my voice is longer than an ogene own”

“It hasn’t gotten to that extent Ada mu. Alright, I will go but be rest assured you will be seeing me from now henceforth. Let me start going before you shout Olamu”. Ikemefuna said and left the compound, weaving at Ogbanje who stood transfixed and confused.

Ebuka felt the presence of Ikenga amongst the people of Udum. He held a look of confusion as he pondered.

‘What is he doing here?’

‘Has he suspected that I am now living in the mortal world and has come down to investigate?’

“Mbanu, I hid my scent very well that even my father can not sniff me out. He came down for something and I am going to find out what exactly it is”. Ebuka told himself.

Nothing can ever bring his brother to earth away from his abode except he had pick an interest on something. He is determined to find out.

His question that was left hanging and unanswered was:

What could that be?

To Be Continued….

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    nice one, cant wait for the next chapter

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    Cool next

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Joe walked around the house having no idea what to do with his baby who has started crying. He slowly lifted the baby and a letter fell off. The letter was addressed to Nathan. Nathan was the name he and Rachael had planned to give their child when they were told they were having a baby boy months before. He couldn’t pay attention to the letter because Nathan was still crying. He placed the note on the chest drawer. Just then his phone rang. He checked the caller, it was Jessy .

Still trying to calm the baby, he held the phone and picked the call.

Hello” he responded

“What’s happening?” Jessy shouted “I can hear a baby crying? Can’t you give it back to the mother? ”

“Oh Jessy ” Joe sighed.. “you have no idea what is wife left leaving the baby with me and now I have no idea what to do. He won’t stop crying.” He explained..

Jessy laughed. ” You are joking right?” She said. “I’m serious babe I really don’t know what to do”.

After that conversation, that was the last Joe had heard from Jessy. She ignored his calls. She once chased him out of the flat when he went to see her.

“I’m not going to be part of your baby drama ” she had told him.

He struggled and managed to buy the baby milk and hired a nanny to help take care of Nathan. His mother was ill at that time so she could not help him care for the child.

As months passed by Joe had put himself together and decided to be there for his child. Even when he resorted to drinking beer at home. He was there when Nathan started crawing, when he took his first steps until the time he was 3 years old.

Joe’s effort on reaching Rachael and beg her to come back home failed, he tried to contact her relatives but it seemed no one really knew where she had gone. Day and night Joe wished he had acted differently and had put his mind to his marriage. The only comfort he had was the smile of his fast growing son. Nathan was growing fast, full of energy and in good health. Joe’s parents and friends adviced him to marry again. But he told them he wasn’t ready yet.

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Meanwhile months after Rachael left her son and husband. She refused all her mother’s advice and overtures to go back and mend her home. “If you trully loved your husband and child, you would have looked past the hurt and pains. You would have trusted God to help you. running away isn’t a solution”. Her mother preached.

She never considered going back to her home and with time she started forgetting her husband. Especially after she left Benin and went to work in with an NGO in Lagos. No matter how Rachael created this cloud to cover her past and live normally like a single woman, deep down her heart she missed and longed to be with her husband and child. However she was determined to forge ahead and obliterate her past.

She was lost in thoughts and didn’t realise her boss was standing in front of her well carved wooden office table talking to her.. “I’m sorry Sir” she apologised when he shouted. “Rachael!” He called her, “Did you even hear a word of what I said?” He asked with a look of concern.

Mr Nosa was Racheal’s boss. He was slim and tall. He had set his eyes on Rachael since the first time she joined the organization and he knew from her curriculum vitae that she was single. He couldn’t stop wondering how a beautiful lady was still single at 30. She was good looking and also intelligent. He had invited her a couple of times for dinner but she seemed not so interested in him..

Nosa was not however willing to give up. He vowed to crack the wall that Rachael had built around her and win her heart.


So here he was looking at her silently lost in thoughts. He had called her twice but she didn’t move an inch..

“Oh am so Sorry Nosa ” she stood up. “I was just…”

“Yeah I noticed ” Nosa cut her sentence.

“I was asking if you are leaving soon. Am heading out and I can drop you off if you don’t mind, I mean since your car is still at the garage” he said.

Rachael smiled at him. ” Thank you, you are so kind.” Nosa moved closer to her and held her hand. “You know I like you and am just waiting for the time you will give me a chance and let me in your heart.”

Racheal sighed. “I’m sorry Nosa, I don’t think am ready for any man right now, we can just be friends nothing more.”

Nosa felt a grip of disapointment but decided to play it cool. “Sure”. He said letting her hand free. ” Let me know when you are through, I will be in my office” he said and walked out of her office.

Rachael watched him disappear in the passage. She shook her head and sighed.. recalling the exciting times with Joe. she felt pain in her heart and as the tears started dropping, she quickly placed a small piece of tissue under her eyes and wipped the tears. “I’m done crying for you Joe” she whispered. Adding a little makeup on her face she stood up head high and walked confidently to Nosa’s office with a grey handbag which matched her grey skirt.

“Am ready!” she announced as she entered Nosa’s office.

“Okay” he responded, picking up the car keys and briefcase. “Let’s go then”

Reaching her home Rachael invited Nosa in. “What can I offer you?” she asked as she motioned him to sit on her cream white couch.” Nosa admired the clean and nicely arranged room. He turned on the flat screen TV mounted on the wall as he waited for her.. She had disappeared to another room.


Rachael came back with a glass of water he had requested and handed it to him. She sat opposite him as they started chatted.

All the time as Nosa talked and narrated events of his past, Rachael nodded and smiled. She had said nothing about her past. All she had talked about was her work life in Benin and Asaba and also her family. Nosa had no idea that the woman sitting in front of him had abandoned her marriage and her baby.

What had started as a simple friendship developed into intimate relationship over the months.

Nosa proposed to Rachael and they got married a year later.

Rachael didn’t expect much from Nosa. She accepted to marry him just to get rid of all the pain she had suffered from her marriage to Joe. However, Nosa was not as she thought he would turn out to be. He was a wonderful and caring husband, he didn’t change as Rachael anticipated he would. His love for her was genuine. He showed lot’s of patience even when his wife showed little interest in the marriage.

Years passed and Rachael slowly started falling in love with Nosa. She woke up one night and found him praying.

“Lord please let my wife open up and love me. I dont know what has caused this wall around her but I trust you can brake it and give her back her peace and freedom”

Rachael watched him as he prayed and felt a guilt within her. All she had done is give the man who genuinely loved her a hard time. From that day she decided to forget about Joe and live happily with her husband.

She knelt close to him and he looked at her when he opened his eyes. ” I love you.” She whispered. “And I’m sorry I have not been a good wife to you. I promised to be that woman of your dream.”

Nosa hugged his wife joyfully. That was the begining of their happy marriage.

To be continued…

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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 16




The Child of Thunder 16

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

If you miss any episode click here

“Now Ogbanje will know that, I, Adaku, I am not someone to toy with” Adaku boasted as she kept the calabash where she had brought it out from. “Soon the news of what happened to Ogbanje will spread like wild fire and Ebuka would be stoned to death” she added as she made her way out of her hut.

As she opened it to step out of the hut, she quickly gave out a loud shout and fell to the ground writhing in severe pains.

The black scorpion had bitten her in her left leg. As soon as it bit her, the black scorpion disappeared.

Adaku quickly stood up with the pain going through her body, she ignored it in as she walked in pain back inside her hut.

It was the black scorpion which she had earlier sent to Ebuka.

She quickly picked a black Kolanut and chewed a little bit out of it. The pains subsided immediately. But the injury which the black scorpion had inflicted on her had suddenly appeared to mould into a wound growing steadfast. She spat into the wound, causing it to ceased in it’s sudden growth. But the pains caused by the wound still remained. Spreading the pains through that leg.

Why had the Scorpion bit her when she told it to cause a conflict between Ebuka and Ogbanje but it came back to her instead.

‘Has Ogbanje powers grow enormously that my powers are no match for her?’ Adaku thought as she sat down on her bamboo bed, thinking hard.

“No! Ogbanje powers can never be stronger than mine. I will kill Ogbanje and her useless father even if it is the last thing I do” Adaku poured, beating her breast with her palm as she demonstrated her seriousness.

“After what Okoro put me through I can’t let go easily, I have promised my daughter. I made a promise to her to kill Ogbanje and her father before Ogbanje reaches her twentieth (20th). The year is fast approaching an end and yet I have not been able to kill neither of them. I had even gone to meet my great grandmother for more powers and still I can’t kill Okoro” she pondered.

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“I can’t continue like this. The days that I have been given are being numbered. I have to go and see my daughter. I have to go and see her and convince her” Adaku said as stretched out the leg with the wound and started massaging it.

On her way home she met with the old woman whom she usually assist in house chores.

Hissing so loudly so the old woman could hear it and continued her way without greeting her or throwing her a look at all.

The old woman seemed surprised and shocked with the way Ogbanje did.

“My daughter”, the old woman began halting Ogbanje in her footsteps. “What is it or didn’t you see me when you passed by? I know you did no see me that is why you did not greet me. Any way my daughter I have been wondering why I haven’t been seeing you since the last few days. You know you ought to come to house at Eke day but you didn’t come and I have been searching for you. What happened?”. She interrogated.

Ogbanje turned to face the old woman.

“I don’t have what they call ‘Time’ to answer those stupid questions of yours”, seeing a more surprise look on the face of the old woman Ogbanje continued.

“I know that you and Adaku are witch and please this should be the first and last time you’d see me and stop me. I am only telling you because you know me, you know what I can do. No wonder you are like this. You ate all your children and you are not even ashamed you are like this, Shameless woman” Ogbanje lambasted her, hissed and left.

“She knew? How?” the old woman thought.

“What happened to you my son?” Omekannaya asked his son Obinnwanne.

He had gone to his mother home for an important business when he got his son’s message. But got the shock of his life when he saw his son two cheeks were swollen.

“Papa, nothing” Obinnwanne managed to speak amidst with pains in his mouth. In fact, the whole part of his mouth and head were in pains.

Ever since the strange young man that slapped him left, his cheeks had grown and the pains was unbearable.


“Nothing? I don’t believe you at all. Who did you provoke that put you in this condition?” Omekannaya questioned his son.

“I have told you papa that I did not do anything. Please go and find any Idbia man to help me stop this pain” Obinnwanne requested.

Omekannaya quickly left his son in search for a powerful Idbia.

Papa what is wrong with your wife?” Ogbanje asked Okoro as she was surprised to see Adaku limping on her right foot. She sat down on the mat her children had already laid out for her at the frontage of her own hut to sit down. She was rubbing a concoction oil Okoro had given her to use.

“I don’t know Ada. We came back from the farm only to meet her walking like that when I asked her what happened she said something had bitten her but she didn’t know what bit her” Okoro explained.

She knew what Adaku had done and silently laughed at her. Adaku deserve more than this.

“Only the gods knows what might have bitten her to have caused such a wound”. Okoro added as he and Ogbanje stared at Adaku, one in pity and the other one in happiness.

“Ehm papa since she can’t walk properly I should start preparing for dinner”.

“Yes, but call your sisters to assist you. I don’t want to see you alone in that kitchen. Make sure Ugochi and Uzochi are there with you”. Okoro said.

Ebuka was clearing the farm when he felt the presence of Ikenga within the farmland.

He had told his mother to take the day off with his younger siblings that he would go to the farm to plant the maize for them.

After planting the maize without delay he quickly started clearing off the weeds that had grown round some of their crops.

It was at this moment he felt his presence.

He continued never the less pretending he didn’t notice his presence. After all, to Ikenga he was just an ordinary human to him.

He laughed sheepishly as he continued his clearing.

“I don’t know what my Ada sees in you that would make her fell in love with you rather than me” Ikenga muttered.

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Ebuka almost jumped out of his skin in pretense. He pretended to be surprise on seeing the young man who stood in front of him.

“Who are you and how did you get to this place without my notice? How did you manage to walk up to me without noise?” Ebuka feigned as he asked.

“How I came to be here is not your business, I only came here with a warning to stay away from my Ada if not you will face my wrath” Ikenga threatened.

Ebuka burst out into laughter

“I am sorry stranger but you see in Udum we have plenty families who has an Ada in each of every home here, maybe you are mistaken your Ada for mine” Ebuka replied bravely

“Do not take me for a fool. You and I know the Ada I am talking about. I am only here to warn you to stay off her”

“Oh are you talking about my Adaolisa?”


“Sorry to say this Ikemefuna but she is mine and will forever remain mine. I should be the one warning you to stay off from my Adaolisa and not the other way round. If I ever hear from my heart that you stopped her or even talk to her again, you will see the other side of me. Ya mere ọ bụrụ na ị maara ihe ọma gị onwe gị Ikemefuna Nọrọ na ya ma ọ bụ na ị na-eche ihu m iwe. Chee okwu m- so if you know what is good for you Ikemefuna stay away from her or face my wrath. Mark my words”. Ebuka replied Ikemefuna.

Ikemefuna smirked and nodded his head at Ebuka. “I like your courage but you don’t know who you are talking to..”.

Ebuka interrupted quickly “And I don’t care to know who you are. You also don’t know who I am. I am not afraid of you or your threats”. Ebuka fired back as he bent and continued with his works.

“I see you have the guts to talk back at me. We shall see who laugh last”. Ikemefuna said and he disappeared.

To Be Continued…

Story by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

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O.G.B.A.N.J.E (The Child of Thunder) Chapter 15




The Child of Thunder 15

Ifeoma Isabella Okeke

If you miss any episode click here

“I don’t know what really happened but I was enraged and nearly wiped out the entire universe. So I left my home to dwell among mortals for the time being. Actually to be away from my father till he becomes calm. Within that time frame, I was forgotten and no one ever remembered me. They only remember my brothers. I roamed for so many years, so many years that I forgot who I was. Well that was until I met you” Ebuka said as he stares at his Alaolisa.

“So what happened after that?”

“Well, we fell in love and got married but you decided to live with the mortals for a while. Your mother granted you your wish but with a prize that you would not remember who you were once. I decided to go down with you to look after you and protect you from harm” Ebuka said as he concluded his story.

“I don’t know what to say Ebuka! This is too much for me” Ogbanje said suddenly.

“I know that Alaolisa, but you will come to embrace it with time” Ebuka replied. He thought as he had opened up, Ogbanje would have told him by now that she wanted some space from him. But he was surprised when Ogbanje did non. She seemed okay with it.

“Was Alaolisa the name I bear in my previous life?” Ogbanje asked.

“Yes, but there are more”

“More? How did you mean?” Ogbanje asked flummoxed.

“You know I have two brothers, Njoku ji is the last son of my father and the second son, Ikenga. I am the first son of my father ChuckwuOlisa”

“What has that got to do with the question I just asked you?”

“A lot Ada, a lot! You see Ada mu, that young man that has been approaching you since these past few days…”

“The one who said he is from Umueze? The one whose name is Ikemefuna? What about him” Ogbanje interrupted him, eagerly.

Ebuka nodded his head in agreement to the questions asked.

“Yes Ikemefuna. That young man is not who he said he is” his head bowed.


“He is my brother, Ikenga. He had pick his interest on you and want to make you his queen by all cost” Ebuka unveiled the truth to Ogbanje.

“Ikemefuna is Ikenga? The Ikenga that we all served? Why would he pick his interest on me of all people?”

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“That is what I don’t know Ada. There might be something he sees in you that made him to choose you and want you by all means” Ebuka explained.

“Are you trying to say he sees me as someone in memory of or what?”

“Maybe, or he likes you naturally. Either way, I am not going to let him have you. He will have to go through me to get you”

Ogbanje laughed out with her face beaming with smiles.

“I don’t like Ikemefuna or Ikenga- whatever he is, one bit. Right from day one, I had dislike that young man. I am only in love with you Ebuka and nothing and nobody can change my heart towards you”. Ogbanje assured him as she blushed.

Ebuka smiled when he heard those words.

“You are the only lady in my heart my Alaolisa”

Ogbanje laid her head on the shoulder blade of Ebuka and smiled at him.

A movement suddenly caught the attention of Ebuka.

He stood up and suddenly grabbed it.

It was a Scorpion.

Very black and huge one.

Ebuka held it on one hand and looked at it.

“This scorpion had been sent to turn you against me”.
Ogbanje said after a while.

“Hmm, then we have to send it back to sender” Ebuka said and brought the scorpion closer to his mouth. He whispered something slowly and freed it.

It moved swiftly and faster out of their sight going back to where it came out from.

“What did you say to it?” Ogbanje interrogated as she saw how the scorpion moved as quick as lightening. The scorpion was no where in sight.

“Nothing much Ada. I only told the scorpion to inflict its owner with pains but not death”

“I think I should be heading home now. My father might have returned and I don’t want him to ask Adaku where I went. You know she would lie about where I was” Ogbanje said as she also stood up to face Ebuka.

“It’s okay my Ada. Wait let me arrange here So that I can escort you home”

“Don’t worry Ebuka, that won’t be necessary, you know I can protect myself and besides I know you’d watch over me” Ogbanje replied.

“Okay, I will visit you tomorrow” Ebuka promised.

“And I will be expecting you”. Ogbanje said and made to turn when Ebuka grabbed of one of her hands, halting her movement. He turned her to face him once again.


“How can I let you go just like that”

Ogbanje frowned in confusion. When she looked into his eyes once again, his expression was intense.

“I don’t get what you are saying…..”.

He suddenly drew her to him and covered her mouth with his in a hungry kiss.

She responded immediately. She found herself closing up her eyelids. His mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips soft than she could have imagined.

He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and Ogbanje opened her mouth with a low moan. Ebuka gently pulled Ogbanje closer, his hands encircle round ogbanje as she moaned in pleasure, pressing her soft body against his hard skin. Her hands roaming round the exposed skin of Ebuka.

They didn’t care they stood outside, not caring if they were seen by any villagers. What matters now was how they felt together. How they were both fit.

Ebuka slided one of his hands down to Ogbanje round butt, squeezing it and pressing it harder.

Ogbanje felt his hard erection hitching her laps.

Ebuka moan deeply and dispatched himself from Ogbanje when he couldn’t hold his breath anymore.

Ogbanje was breathless when Ebuka removed his mouth from hers

Placing his hands on her cheeks he smiled .

Ogbanje smiled at him also but averted her eyes to the sole of his feet.

“I am not in a haste Ada but I am not patient”. He moves closer to her again. depositing a quick kiss on her forehead as Ogbanje eyes fluttered close. Ebuka dispatched himself from her and move a few feets backwards. “You have to go home now Ada. Like I said I will see you tomorrow my Love. Take care my Alaolisa” Ebuka added as he stared at Ogbanje lustfully.

Ogbanje blushed as she waved at Ebuka and turned to go.

“Take care also my Love. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow” Ogbanje quickly left not daring to look back as she knew that Ebuka was watching her.

“You again”. Ogbanje said as she looked at Ikemefuna (Ikenga) who was standing in front of her.

She had been so engrossed with the kiss she and Ebuka had shared earlier. she hadn’t taken notice of Ikemefuna (Ikenga) standing and obstructing her path. Her body collided with his and she was about falling down when she felt strong hands holding her waist, keeping her from falling down.

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The hands lifted her and she turned to thank whosoever that had prevented her fall when she saw Ikemefuna (Ikenga) was the one holding her waist.

She quickly moved away from him as if he had leprosy.

“Yes me. I saved you from falling down, the least you could do is to thank me” Ikemefuna (Ikenga) requested with pride.

“If I had known it was you I would have gladly make the ground so proud by my fall”

“And have injuries with your delicate skin. Mbanu- No” Ikemefuna (Ikenga) said smiling but stopped when his sharp nose caught something. Sniffing at Ogbanje he became angry .

“You flirts with that stupid boy Ada. He touched you didn’t he?” Ikemefuna (Ikenga) asked angrily.

“What sort of stupid question is that? Are you high or something? Who Are you to ask me such a question?” Ogbanje charged at Ikemefuna (Ikenga).

“Your future husband in fact your husband. This should be the last time I will see you go near that mere boy you called your lover. I am warning you, stay clear off from that boy or else, he won’t live to see the next Eke market day. Don’t push me to the wall Ada. You are mine, you will be mine and you are forever mine” Ikemefuna (Ikenga) warned.

Ogbanje laughed out loud as she clapped her hands in surprised.

“Ehm Ikemefuna, this should be the first and last time you would ever stop me to talk about this rubbish you just vomited from that stupid mouth of yours ever again. Try me again and you won’t like what I would do to you” Ogbanje lashed at Ikemefuna (Ikenga) furiously.

“You don’t know who you are talking too. Do not, I repeat, do not ever go close to that stupid boy again or he will face my wrath” Ikemefuna (Ikenga) said but suddenly smiled at Ada.

“How was your day Ada?” He added.

Ogbanje hissed and walked pass him pushing him in process as she walked by him.

Ikenga smiled looking at Ogbanje in a lustful way. Watching the movement of her backside.

“I must have you Ada by all cost. If I can’t have you then no one else can” Ikenga boasted, still smiling till he could no longer see Ogbanje shadow. And he vanished.

To Be Continued…

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